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That’s how it started

Oh hey guys welcome to my Foundation and blog! I’m Destiny, a computer scientist graduate from the East, Nigerian born and bred. I started this foundation and blog as an idea born out of passion that came in my  Lagos Nigeria apartment in 2017. After visiting some sites online, Destiny was disturbed by the lack of resourc help writing a thesis writinge for the less privilege, the disadvantaged children and the future of our youths.

So many youths are confused not knowing the right part to take, Destiny knew something had to change… He started seeing much of media as a distraction that takes time away from building a self-determined life when not properly used. 6 months later Destiny founded Minister Destiny Foundation & Blog (MDFB) a non profit volunteer-driven organization borne out of passion to improve the access and quality of education available to disadvantaged children in rural communities across Africa. Also it’s a site dedicated to providing relevant and meaningful materials he felt young people needed to experience.

MDFB also promotes civic engagement and peaceful political participation, youth entrepreneurship and empowerment project, youth participation in community development, education development programme, human rights and good governance. Since its establiment, it has been promoting children and youth activities which range from making sure all children are in school during school hour, leadership, entrepreneurship, empowerment and charity donations amidst other lofty programmes.

With his operational base in Imo state, MDFB hopes to be on the forefront in channeling and advocating for quality education especially for children in the rural communities as well as the formulation of youth oriented policies that will give room for youth participation in politics and decision making, promotion of ethical values, enhancing the quality of democratic governance and making people have passion for entrepreneurship in Nigeria and beyond.

Through our various initiative programmes, we have helped hundreds of Nigerian children living in community areas have access to quality education and at the same time, helped the youths to discover their potential thereby paving way for them to become world class entrepreneurs. We have also tried to engage youths in advocating for good governance, democracy and human right activism through our roundtable discussion, conferences, symposia and trainings.

The Big Outreach

The term “Minister Destiny” originated in TREM, when due to the growth of a young teenager named Destiny, The Bishop of Trem Dr Mike Okonkwo ordained him a “Minister” and released him to go make a formidable impact in our world. As a minister and based on his own life experiences Destiny knew the power of Education, Guidance, Advice, and Perspective so he began dedicating himself to providing it to his readers. But MDFB still aims to regularly help their readers answer the following questions:

What do I love to do?

How do I develop the confidence, optimism, and vision needed to fulfill my potential?

How can I improve my mindset?

How can I overcome the obstacles in my life?

How do I generate the hope and perseverance needed to reach my goals?

How can I make a difference in the world?

Mission & Vision

Our mission is for the welfare of the less privilege to ensure the life of every child is better and to encourage our youths by promoting good governance through participatory democracy. MDFB seeks to “institutionalize luck” and create an environment where entrepreneurship can flourish in a sustained manner.

The vision is to make Minister Destiny Foundation & Blog a globally recognized NGO for the development of good and quality education in rural areas and for the youths with synergies of similar goals.

MDFB is more than just an NGO or informational website for all but it is where we see everything to be informed while we choose the right things to make a difference in our world.

 At minister Destiny we are determined to make your life better. You get unlimited News, Entertainment, and Music, Event, and Gossip, , fashion and Motivational speech

So if you’d like to get in touch, you can do here!

I really hope you enjoy my blog, lots of love! Destiny.